Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Assassination Arrow



This is very much a "guy book" with plenty of outdoors shoot-'em-up action; I loved it. Being a Tom Clancy/Stephen Hunter fan, I found Smith's style to be consistent but the plot was ingenious, if sometimes far-fetched. This is J. Allen Smith's first effort is very worthwhile, I sat up late to finish it and was not at all disappointed. His references to God and faith are not heavy handed; rather they are realistic in that characters in trouble reach out to the Almighty for help and comfort, honestly and sincerely, and offer thanks when help is given - just as most of us do. This guy is terrific and I can't wait for the next book! ~ Samuel S. Holmes

Book Description:

Clovis had put the arrow exactly where he intended. Without hesitation, he eased out of the cleft of the cliff that he had used to conceal himself and where he had been waiting. He has a story to tell and one that needed to be told, but how could he prove his story was true? If he cannot survive, the truth about killing Vice President Peterson may never be known.

About the Author:

J. ALLAN SMITH was raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Montana where he developed a passion for the mountains. As a youth, he spent every possible opportunity hunting, fishing, or trapping, but he also had aspirations to become a preacher. He followed that dream to Texas where he earned his B.S. Degree in Secondary Education from Lubbock Christian University in 1986. Since then he has also earned his Masters Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Communication.

Now he and his wife Vicky live in the log house they built on a small farm in Middle Tennessee. Together they enjoy hunting, fishing, backpacking, horseback riding and relaxing on the front porch. Here you can often find him watching the deer and turkey feeding in the front pasture, visiting with friends, reading The Word, and, of course, writing.

The Assassination Arrow


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