Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dark & Stormy

Dark and Stormy SM

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The characters are very believable and very nicely developed. With the highly detailed descriptions, I easily imagined myself there - in the action. The storyline has an impressive and smooth flowing plot… ~ Review by Catherine M. Edwards about Book One in the Series - Dark Dreams (Dark Tales Series Book 1)
Book Description:
A powerful blizzard blowing in from the mountains spells trouble for Anna, a Halfling, Redbeard, a dwarf, and Leena, a feisty wood elf. Caught by surprise and lacking even the most basic supplies and with a pack of hungry wolves closing in, the three friends must try and reach the safety and warmth of their destination without hope of rescue. They soon learn that they must work together and trust each other in order to survive, or else perish in the harsh, snow-covered wilderness.
Dark & Stormy is an adventurous novella of the sword and sorcery Dark Tales Series.
Review by Rachel Bostwick about Dark Realms (Dark Tales Series Book 4) in the Series –  If you enjoy stories that hearken to the early days of Dungeons and Dragons, if you love magic and halfings and adventure, or if you know a young teen who does, I highly recommend this story.

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