Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Zombie Rush Excerpt

Zombie Rush SM

 Zombie Rush

I loved this book! Action packed with a great story line. Actually two story lines the zombie apocalypse and a serial killer. There are strong female characters and more good people than bad coming together to survive the apocalypse. Also a plus for me as a dog lover is there are dogs that don't become just distractions or food for the zombies but actually help and are a part of the story. And the author came up with some new creative ways to kill zombies! :) ~ Review by Kim Grant


Day one of the zombie apocalypse was a day of firsts for the new lieutenant at Hot Springs P.D. She was in a new city; with a new job, new and different jerks and the sudden arrival undead. She should find an island and live out her days in seclusion, living off the land without fear of the dead. But there were those who needed her, strangers all… they needed her.


Krupp slammed on the brakes and reached for the dash-mounted shotgun when Lisa grabbed his hand firmly.

“What are you gonna do, cowboy? Martial law hasn’t been declared so you can’t shoot them. There are too many to arrest and we can’t get them to the station. Just calm down; we got more to deal with than looters. Besides, the weekend warriors are supposed to take care of that.”

“We have to do something!” Nobles said from the back, her door already open.

“Close your door, Nobles,” Lisa said and the tension hung in the air as the overzealous officer struggled with the instruction. “That’s an order,” Lisa finished. Nobles slammed the door shut.

“Drive on,” Lisa said. “We only stop for murder and the walking dead at this point. That mess over there? It’s out of our hands.”

Krupp threw the truck into gear—leaving no doubt how he felt about it—and drove past the mass looting. They heard the running of hundreds of feet for only a second before they were swarmed by a stampede of terrified humanity trying to get away from… something. Some paused to pound on the glass of the SUV before running on. A man slammed face first into the passenger window and was quickly swarmed by two others.

Zombie Rush

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