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A little Siren

A little Siren
A little Siren (on sale for 99 cents)
Sexy fairy tales for adults! ~ Review by K. Allen TOP 1000 REVIEWER
The 2nd book to a great sexy series. This book can be a standalone but you get more out of it if you read the first. Very well written and filled with great scenes. Its a fun sexy twist on an adult fairy tale and is both creative and a blast to read. A real page turner and worth your time for sure. Highly recommended. Very sexy and great tension and suspense!
Book Description:

The King of Denkered has searched the seas for three years, in his quest to reach the mercreature who saved him from a ship wreck, but he gives up, tired of chasing a dream.

"One day. One day after he convinced himself to propose to an unsuitable, unrefined, unliked, conniving girl, he found the woman he'd been looking for."

Contrarily to what one would assume, Silvia isn't masochistic, so when they meet again, she has no intention to waste her time on the yummy piece of man she'd saved three years ago.

He may have been the object of every single one of her fantasies, but he's taken. Women who manage to get a man to forget his attachment get what they deserve: a cheating ass.

End of story, right?
A little Siren is the second book of Not Quite the Fairy Tale, and although they are standalones, they are meant to be read in order as the characters interact.

Beware of strong language and adult situations, although this is no non-stop erotica.
A little Siren was a great story, the second in the series ` Review by Romance LoverA little Siren was a great story, the second in the series. I was totally surprised multiple times. I love love love Seb and the part he plays. Eric really irritated me - in a good way - over and over, so much I wanted to climb into the story and knock some sense into him.
Silvia was a strong, courageous woman, I was in awe of her many times. She didn't take crap from anyone, even from Eric, the hot sexy man. Her attitude in the first book gave me pause, I wasn't sure I'd like her, but I actually liked this story even more than the last!
I loved to hate Vanessa, she was the perfect villain!

I also enjoyed catching up with Cinderella and Dane from the last book!
The end was great, well thought out and I can't wait until the next one.
A little Siren (on sale for 99 cents)

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