Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Crawling Skin


The Crawling Skin – “A Creepy Tale for Adults Only!”

I am pointing you in the direction of the audio version of this book. For 10 lucky people, you can get the audio version of The Crawling Skin for FREE. Go to my Facebook page and message me. I shall send you the code.

About the Story!

If your skin had a mind of its own...what would it tell us about YOU?

That’s all I can tell you.

You will have to check it out and see!

About the Author!

Adam Strong
Adam enjoys writing short stories and providing guitar lessons. Currently he is working on stories that he hopes will increase awareness, and produce internal questions that can propel readers to different levels of understanding and consciousness.

He also enjoys writing stories that will confuse and scare the socks off anyone curious enough to enter his world!

The Crawling Skin is available as audio on or on Kindle.

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