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Unplugged by P.D. Quaver

Book Description:

What would happen if some modern kids were forced to live without their modern devices?

The teens enrolled in 'The Natural Path'--a school for device-addicted kids run by the smooth but vaguely sinister Dr. Zarkov--quickly find out when the school turns out to be nothing but a front for an elaborate kidnapping plot. Trapped on a remote tropical island and facing what looks like certain death, they will have to band together if they hope to defeat their ruthless captors. But it will still take all their ingenuity just to survive...

A realistically detailed and thrilling story by novelist P.D. Quaver which will appeal to young adults (13 and over).

Review by Monica LaSarre

This was quite a memorable book. The author, P.D. Quaver, has created an action-packed story filled with some really unique and endearing characters. The premise of the story piqued my interest. We all know someone who’s addicted to electronic devices (maybe we see that person in the mirror) and it seemed appropriate to base a fictional story off of this real-life, pervasive issue. This book delivered exactly what I’d hoped for – a thoughtful look at what it would be like to be device-less and a riveting story to encase this issue. The author did a phenomenal job of harnessing the power of strong characters, adventurous plot and attention-grabbing themes into a flawless story. For the fast-paced, engaging plot and the cross-genre appeal (action, adventure, adult and young adult fiction) of this unique story, I give this book a much-deserved 5 stars.


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