Friday, February 27, 2015

Magical Effects


This unknown writer just needs a shot to get the message out. That anyone can be the missing variable. The missing variable is the one who can change the world...but here is the twist: everyone can be the missing variable...not just a single ONE like Neo in the Matrix or Harry Potter or many other stories that focus solely on ONE person being special and unique. All kids are special and unique and that is just one of his concepts he is trying to bring to the younger generation. ~ Excerpt of review by Eman

Forget Harry Potter. New Novel Based On Magic & Math Seek To Inspire Girls In STEM ~ excerpt of article on 

Why is this book important to us? Because Scholastic recently previewed a study they are set to release in January 2015…showing that books are a powerful tool to spark the imaginations of children.

Book Description:

Alex, a young precocious girl, mysteriously gets transported to a strange world where Latin and Math combine in formulas and equations with magical effects. With a cruel council leading the only safe city of its kind in this world, she will have to prove her worth to stay as well as help this city as it is the target for two evil wizards who seek to destroy the city and its ruling council.

Will the council's mighty army of guardians be enough to repel the onslaught of the two wizards' wrath?

To help the city and also get back home, she will need the help of the greatest mathematician of all time, Archimedes. In a world where math is magic, Alex wishes she paid more attention in math class.

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