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Tales from The Beaumont House


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Guest article by D. F. Holland

What do a psychic, a family of four and a computer programmer have in common? Unfortunately for them, they reside in the Beaumont House apartments. What appears to be a serene, picturesque apartment complex is actually an otherworldly reality consisting of the supernatural, the strange and the unimaginable.

In “MoonGlow” ~ A computer programmer, developing an online vampire game, is haunted by a powerful, centuries-old spirit who desperately wants to take physical form once again.
In “Gathering of souls” ~ An interior decorator buys an antique painting with a heartbreaking, supernatural history that will turn her world upside down - as well as anyone else who takes possession of it.

In “Heir to a new world” ~ A child is missing and it’s the family’s worst nightmare. Or so they thought. When the child is mysteriously returned the nightmare REALLY begins. The terrifying events that unfold affect not only the family, but the entire planet.

These and other stories await. From horror and sci-fi to Twilight Zone-type fiction, TALES FROM THE BEAUMONT HOUSE invites you in to stay for a while. However, it is not advisable to move in anytime soon.

2). MOONGLOW (Apt. 7B)
5). THE 1940’ s (Apt. 6C)
6). CYBERSPACE (Apt. 11B)
7). HEIR TO A NEW WORLD (Apt. 11A)

"In the grand tradition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE! The stories collected in TALES FROM THE BEAUMONT HOUSE will simultaneously stimulate the mind as well as freeze the blood. D.F. Holland is an exciting new voice in fantasy fiction."
~ Joseph F. Parda, Author of BEAVERS!

"I was riveted to each page, wondering what was going to happen next and how each story would end. The twists, turns and surprise endings take the reader on a wild and exciting ride.The stories, as well as the novella HEIR TO A NEW WORLD, are prime material for a cable TV series or motion picture."
~ Mary VanMeer, VirtualAssistantGazette.com

I could not put this book down! The stories kept me captivated. I wanted it to go on. Awesome! ~ D. Peters

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Excerpt ~ INTRO

The beautiful Beaumont House apartment complex was an old, well-maintained group of Tudor buildings on a large stretch of land. It was a sprawling apartment complex with jewel-colored, freshly-cut grass. There were old, tall shady trees interspersed within the landscape, making it look like a picture postcard.

Seasonal flowers were always planted in circles around the trees, in the pathways and around the perimeter of each of the Tudor buildings adding a touch of delicate color, like lace on a beautiful dress.

The grounds had small hills which looked beautiful all year round. In the winter the children would sled down them, screaming and laughing. The apartments themselves were well cared for inside and out, from top to bottom. Despite its age the apartment complex looked brand new. The Beaumont House was located in a sleepy suburb thirty-five minutes from the city. It was it an ideal place to live for those who worked in the city.

The first smaller building was the rental office. This was where people inquired about rentals or apartments to purchase. There was often a waiting list as the apartment complex was not only pleasing to the eye, but was one of the few pet-friendly apartments in the area.

There was an elderly gentleman who had worked in the rental office for many decades. There wasn’t a tenant who could recall a time when he was not there. He could remember the names and faces of the many people and families who had lived there throughout the decades as well as details about their lives. The old man was extremely thin and pale with a strange twinkle in his eye. What little white hair he had left was standing up in every direction. His suit was sharp and well-pressed but seemed to be from another century. The office had wall to wall bookshelves filled with mostly very old leather-bound books. The old man would often read, sit at his desk and look at his old-fashioned pocket watch.

Sometimes he looked out of the windows to watch the goings-on. People moving in or out, dogs being walked, children playing, residents sitting on their porches, driving to work, walking along the scenic paths and sitting under the large shady trees. The birds were singing, the neighbors were friendly and the lawns were always well-manicured. It was a very nice place to live. An ideal place, or so they thought.

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